Representing the Best Interests of Gallatin County's Abused/Neglected  Children

    • During the Calendar Year of 2016, 125 children had CASA/GAL's who advocated for their best interests in the Eighteenth Judicial District in Gallatin County, MT 

        • 45 CASA/GAL's advocated for these 125 children throughout the year.

            • These CASA/GAL's donated their time which adds up to approximately 4000 hours during the year. 

                • Currently, the CASA/GAL Program has 70 volunteer advocates. There are 28 volunteers who currently are not assigned to a case.  Some of these advocates have completed cases and are not taking on a new case, at this time, and the remaining are advocates who have not yet been assigned a case.

                    • The program is staffed by 1 Executive Director who works at least 40 hours per week

                    • Nationally, this past year, 77,000 CASA/GAL volunteer advocates  helped 234,000 abused and neglected children find safe, permanent homes.   


                      Gallatin County Guardian Ad Litem Program Established in 1986

                      Awarded status as a Non Profit Corporation in 2000

                      • The Gallatin County CASA/GAL (Guardian ad Litem) program is now known as CASA/GAL of Gallatin County and is a nonprofit organization of community volunteers who serve as advocates for children who are alleged victims of child abuse and neglect.

                      • Trained volunteer advocates serve as the eyes and ears for the Judge. They provide an objective perspective on each case and advocate for the children's needs while in the court system.

                      • The volunteer spends approximately 10 hours per month on a case.

                      • Each volunteer works about 1-2 cases at a time 

                        Funding the Gallatin County Guardian Ad Litem Program



                        • CASA/GAL of Gallatin County was initially funded by a 2 year startup grant of $44,000 from the National CASA Association. This grant was for the time period from 1999-2001

                        • The program is now dependent on fundraising, grants, and donations

                        • The program receives funding from the Montana Supreme Court in the amount of $26,000

                        • United Way contributes $5,000 per year

                        • The Gallatin Project Consortium Grant (a collaborative VAWA Grant) was for many years the major source of the CASA/GAL Program's funding.  In 2011, the amount the program received went from $45,000 per year down to $6,000 per year. This is due to a change in focus in the grant requirements.  The Board of Directors and the Executive Director actively seek other funding opportunities throughout the year.

                        To learn more about volunteers, please click here.