CASA/GAL of Gallatin County

The mission of

 CASA/GAL of Gallatin County 

is to provide well trained, effective volunteer CASA/Guardians Ad Litem to be advocates for abused and neglected children in the Eighteenth Judicial Court System.  



CASA/GAL of Gallatin County is a non-profit corporation dedicated to advocating for abused and neglected children in the court system and helping them attain the safe, loving and permanent homes that every child deserves. It is one of ..... Learn More About Us.


A CASA/GAL is an adult volunteer advocate who has completed the NCASA training course so that they are able to represent what is in the child's best interest to the Court in an abuse and neglect case. These guardians ..... Learn more about Volunteers.

"You go into a courtroom and you will see lawyers who know the law and have dozens of kids' files, or you see social workers who know the regulations and have dozens of kids' files.  But if a CASA volunteer is in the room you will see just one file, and what they know is that one child. And that can make all the difference to a judge's decision regarding how the rest of that child's life is going to go." 

- Anna Quindlen

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