Volunteer Duties

To qualify as a CASA/GAL, one need only be a Montana resident and have an abiding interest in protecting at-risk children. After completing the 30-hour training, the CASA/Guardian ad Litem is sworn in by a District Court Judge and then is able to advocate for the best interests of children who become a part of the court system as a result of abuse and neglect.

These CASA/Guardians ad Litem span the full spectrum of Montana’s residents. They are homemakers, business executives, office workers, teachers, and retirees. Like the children whose interests they represent, CASA/Guardians ad Litem also span the full spectrum of Montana’s racial, ethnic, age, income and cultural milieus.

While each CASA/Guardian ad Litem serves as an advocate for a given child, the role is much bigger than that. When a child’s own family, school, and neighborhood is suddenly disrupted, a CASA/Guardian ad Litem is often the one constant figure that supports that child to grow and flourish, despite the abrupt change in their life circumstances. CASA/Guardians ad Litem, in a word, are more than a dependent child’s advocate in court. Ideally, these advocates become the child’s friend, mentor, and trusted adviser. A CASA/GAL can forever change a child’s life for the better. So can a child change the life of a CASA/Guardian ad Litem.

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